Hey everyone!

I suppose this will be my very first post on this site, but this will be a very brief one.

Over about the past year I’ve been doing some very light work with converting a digital copy of Tacitus’ Germania from HTML to a PDF. I’m still in the process of correcting all of the typos and mistakes there have been in the conversion, but it’s at a stage now where I’m happy to share it online.

Germania is an incredible primary source detailing what the Romans observed while studying the old Germanic tribes of the period. For context, it was (according to Wikipedia) released around 98 AD. The work is within the public domain and can also be found on sites like Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg. However, I have not been able to find a PDF version of the document, so I went ahead and took the liberty of converting it from a professor’s webpage. Sadly, I can’t find the site I got the original from anymore, but if I ever find it again I’ll be sure to link the page and give full credit.

Here’s the link to the PDF:

Tacitus - Germania