About me

I have over a decade of personal experience developing software. I’m a big proponent of minimalism and stoicism, and I believe that an education in philosophy (formal or informal) leads to a better, more fulfilling life.


I recommend two brands of laptops: ThinkPads and MacBooks.

Currently, I’m using a ThinkPad T480. It’s portable yet substantial, has an amazing keyboard, and is very upgradable.


My development workflow incorporates the following software:

  1. Kubuntu - Operating System
  2. VSCode - Development environment
  3. Vim - Text editor

I’ve been able to greatly benefit from the wide range of info that’s publicly available from other developers. Here are some of the links that I’ve found particularly helpful:

  1. LandChad.net - how to build a personal website

How this site is generated

I use a tool called Hugo, which is a command-line tool that allows you to generate static web pages from markdown.

In addition to Hugo, I used a theme called PaperMod.